Meet Them Boys


He loves this job so much because his cameras weigh a ton, and he can be seen carrying them everywhere he goes.


For this simple fact, KC will capture EVERY SINGLE moment during your wedding day, because any second away from his cameras will be time wasted on his fitness routine.

He can probably choke slam you with his bare legs anyway, so steer clear. Feed him protein, and he will unleash his ultimate to shoot the best pictures he has ever in his life, for you.


This guy will probably spend more time trying to get into the good books of your mom and aunties, but because of that, he can establish a good rapport with the older generation, which in turn yield GOOD FAMILY PHOTOS.

He will try to sell you New Zealand as the ONLY honeymoon destination as if he really is THE diplomat and spokesperson. He secretly believes he is a Kiwi deep down, but till now he still hasn't gotten his PR.



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