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Sam & Rebecca

We got Marklin with us on our big day and it's one of the best decision we have made. Really pleased with the photos. I love how Marklin takes effort to notice and capture the little details around that signifies us & our big day. He also has his way around to take the raw.est emotions, so it gives us no awkward photos! Thank you!

CHARmaine & winston

We were blessed to get Marklin as our actual day photographer! Was really impressed by how Marklin somehow made everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, and he's super friendly and hilarious (my MUA thought we were friends!!).


Just received the photos and I am even more impressed with the outcome of the photos. MARKLIN IS AMAZING. He managed to capture a lot of raw emotions, which is honestly, the most valuable. THANK YOU! :') ♥


When I started looking for a AD wedding photographer, i trawled through endless instagram portfolios before coming across LightedPixelsPixies. I eventually chose Marklin Ang as I felt that his photos spoke the most to me. I'm thankful that I made that decision, Marklin was very professional and very approachable. We hit it off really well, and became friends even before the wedding.


On the day itself, he was on one hand very sociable with all my family and friends, yet on the other hand, a complete ninja when taking shots. He was very clear on wanting to capture the exact moments, and it still baffles us how he took those particular shots so perfectly when he only had that 1 second to press the shutter button. At our outdoor shoot, he was kneeling, lying on his tummy and giving it his all to take the best shots (we took his recommendation to do the shoot at his favourite Upper Pierce Reservoir and the view was breath-taking). I've only seen the morning edits and already i'm in love with the batch of photos, and my husband and I are waiting rather impatiently for the rest (but it's only been 2 days since our wedding....)


Lastly, I would sincerely say that if you're looking for the right photographer who would make you feel like you're shooting with a friend, someone you can trust would capture the most important shots, a professional who would take the initiative to give you tips and reminders on what to look out for,


I'd strongly recommend that you pick Marklin. Trust me, you can't go wrong. My family are all very fond of him and his photos, it's almost as if we were transported back to that very moment, reliving those precious emotions and memories again and again.


Thank you Marklin Ang, till our next shoot together! 

a.k.a The Doctor.

If you have multiple elderlies on your wedding day, Jasvin is the guy to go. He will shoot your wedding day and also resuscitate your relatives

simultaneously. Who says guys can't multitask?

Consultation is free on your big day too.


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